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Introducing Canteen 34

Catering Your Next Event

Dinner Table

About Canteen34 Family

Home Cooked Meals

Canteen 34 is a Boutique Catering Company, influenced with rich and flavorful cuisines of Aegean, Mediterranean, and European home cooked meals with organic, seasonal, fresh ingredients cooking all of your favorites with a hip new spin on traditional cuisine.  We make real food for real people. Whether you are interested in breakfast, lunch, dinner or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. For your next event, choose Canteen 34 and enjoy a home-cooked meal without the home-cooked fuss.

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Inflight Catering

Whether you need small snacks, airline meals or a full inflight service concept, we have the catering plan to support you. We stay current on the latest food trends, and we work with you to design the most satisfying experiences for you and your passengers. We specialize in using farm fresh ingredients and new old fashioned techniques to create home cooked meals that are delicious, healthful and oh so satisfying.


Care to find out more about our Hors d'Oeuvres? Get in touch with us today to see how you can start customizing a menu for your tasting. Our team of experts is here to help you make your event truly unforgettable.

Hors D'oeuvres

Buffet Style.jpg

Live music, mouth-watering food, and close-knit friends... and Our personalized menus that you and your guests will absolutely adore. Let us know how we can start creating your own custom menu as well and we’ll be happy to help you choose the food that will be perfect for your event and needs.

Buffet Style


Our sweet treats are personalized bite-size and are easy to eat standing up from a dessert station or mix and match these fun bites as plated desserts at a seated dinner party.


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Catering Services

What We Do to Make Your Event Memorable


Whether you’re planning to host an intimate dinner party with your closest family and friends, or maybe a larger gathering to celebrate a birthday, engagement party, holiday, or special occasion — we’ve got you covered! Our Drop-Offs bring the most delicious and creative culinary concepts straight to you, no fuss involved.

Delivery Van

Special Days

We know that life can get super busy and cooking for a family or a large group of guests is not exactly your top priority. That's why we’re happy to cater to all of your requests and deliver a one-of-a-kind culinary experience that meets your personal taste. Our Events will leave you and your guests wanting more. Get in touch with us to learn more about our range of services today.

Seating Arrangement

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